Up-skilling and helping people develop life pathways that they are excited and passionate about is an objective of Jump Fall Fly.

As we build the project we plan to introduce certified short courses that will offer fun training in a number of disciplines.

The creative arts, circus and theatre include a wide range and combination of skills and knowledge. 

The industry needs all kinds of competencies and so all kinds of people who are excited to learn them.

In 2021 we will be launching the first round of these short introductory courses covering;

l Drama

l Photography

l Rigging

l Camera and Video Techniques

l DJ ing

l Art Direction / Set Design

l Soundtrack design

l Costume Making

All our courses will offer a recognised certificate on completion

Course will be available for all ages and will be free to any person who cannot afford it.

We know that many young people can have problematic relationships with learning, usually due to difficulties in schools, exposure to bad teaching or learning disruption due to difficulties at home, discrimination or problems with peer groups.

For this reason all our learning groups are mentored and coached by Jump Fall Fly volunteers and paid facilitators who have had training in our coaching training programme as well as in diversity and discrimination training.



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