"We create stories that invite people to feel connected to themselves, to their lives, to each other and to what matters"

We tell stories that touch on the topics and challenges that we all face.


Story telling and entertainment is a powerful, effective and positive way to engage people about what are often felt to be difficult topics.
We tell stories that touch one key topics such as ecology & the environment, mental health, addiction, well-being and relationships.
In short, we make shows that matter about things that matter. And give great entertainment along the way!

We then leverage the experience of seeing a show and having fun with follow up workshops where we explore the characters and themes within the show.

Participants can learn circus skills, play and generally interact with creative activities facilitated by our expert coaches in circus, theatre & story telling.

We then leverage the experience that people have had by providing them with ways of getting into action in their lives by using our unique DO 3 THINGS approach to changing things in your life.

We have dedicated social media that people of all ages can follow and where the conversations and idea sharing can continue.