Jump Fall Fly is at the very beginning of it's journey as a social initiative.

Already though it feels like we are a growing family. We wanted to make our project be far more than a social business and to foster the feeling of family, this was a conscious decision we made when we decided to get this project going. 

Now we have a fast expanding 'family' including performers, directors, actors, artistes, acrobats, jugglers, teachers, musicians, coaches, supporters and advisers and of course the wonderful people of all ages who have attended our events.

All of us are lined up in our own way to drive the Jump Fall Fly Mission.
'To create positive social change through circus, theatre arts, creativity & coaching psychology.'

What we know so far is that all of our family have big hearts who believe that they, and we, can drive positive change for individuals and communities . . . and have a great and fulfilling life along the way.

We are daring to think big and be a force for both being a great community to belong to, as well as being a great community to stand next to.



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