Jump Fall Fly is a social initiative that aims to deliver transformational experiences for communities across the UK

OUR PURPOSE IS TO create positive personal & social change for individuals and communities 

WE DO THIS BY DELIVERING EVENTS & EXPERIENCES CREATED WITH circus & theatre arts, creativity & coaching psychology 

We use Circus, Theatre, Film and associated Arts integrated with Coaching Psychology to engage with families, young people and the community to tackle their challenges.  We are particularly focused on those in need of support in the areas of mental health, health and well-being, economic displacement, homelessness, addiction and career development.

Jump Fall Fly was founded in 2019 by Anthony Eldridge-Rogers and Lehla Eldridge. Through our work in the arts and behavioural health, recovery and well being we identified a need for a blended holistic approach to tackling social challenges.

We now are bringing our unique blend of arts based activities to local communities that engage with social issues.

We have launched our first Circus and Theatre Show Project and Film BOOM Campaign, and associated workshops and are now developing our strategy to bring them to local communities.

We see a need for fun, playful and enjoyable ways of engaging with people, at a community level, whilst at the same time adding value and opportunity to that engagement.

Circus arts, theatre, film, storytelling and all the associated activities and skills that integrate with it (such as music, design, art, health, exercise, photography, camera work, lighting and so on) means that there is something for everyone.

Building engagement through coaching psychology which fosters self determination, self development, inter dependence and self responsibility means participants experience respect, dignity and value as soon as they step inside Jump Fall Fly spaces and events.

We have BIG plans including.....

A summer long series of events focused on children, young people, teenagers and their families. We plan to include Circus Camps, Talks, Circus and other shows, wrapped with lovely food and music.

An International Circus and Story Telling Project based in Exeter but touring Europe as well in future years.

A permanent Circus and Theatre Arts Community base available to all in the South West of the UK.

Touring Live event projects. 

Workshops, training's and events designed to reduce stress, increase health and optimism, inspire social action and foster self leadership.

At Jump Fall Fly we have four foundations that frame the work we do:

Community engagement is the core of what Jump Fall Fly does and plans to do. That means building relationships with communities and organisations with like minds. We welcome volunteers of all kinds and with all levels of skills.

Everyone is welcome to find a place in our project family.

Jump Fall Fly is always in motion and in a process of creating. We create specific things like circus or theatre shows, events, stories and workshops. Through that we create experiences for people to access, enjoy and use to improve their lives. In this way we also create community and meaningful solutions to life problems that we can act upon.

We see life long learning as an exciting way to approach life.

We inspire our community to notice what they are learning with every step they take with Jump Fall Fly. 

With us you can learn about theatre, circus and making skills, healthy eating, nutrition, our environment, music, pretty much anything! It is a joined up system with people being encouraged to decide for themselves what they feel they have learned and how that fits into their lives.  

We take an holistic approach to facilitating and teaching, aiming first and foremost to ignite curiosity and so inspire people to learn new things that can benefit them as they progress into their lives. 

All our work is designed to increase community connectedness, improve self-worth, confidence and deliver better more hopeful lives.

The environment and the way we live is a concern for all of us. Jump Fall Fly follows environmentally friendly practices that keeps our eco footprint as low as possible. We recycle and re-purpose what we can to use and support the development of a circular economy. We integrate sustainable practices in all our workshops and shows, so that we can inspire audiences and volunteers.

Our core values:







Self Determination





Self Direction




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