Jump Fall Fly is committed to ensuring we have a positive impact on our environment. We have a strong ethical commitment to all our work.

If you feel we can improve any aspect of our environmental and social responsibility we’d like to hear your comments.

Our Events and Shows
We tread as lightly as we can on any natural spaces we hold events in, including at our home base in Devon.

We ensure we leave spaces in as good a condition as possible and remedy any damage to natural spaces where possible.

We leave no litter, recycle where possible and have buying policies for materials that prioritise re using and re purposing.

Our Social Responsibilities & Culture
We are a living wage employer.
We offer bursaries and support to those that can’t afford to come to our events and seek always to be mindful of the economic pressures on many families.
We treat each other with respect at all times, including colleagues, guests, visitors, tradespeople and suppliers.
We have a clear policy in respect to discrimination on grounds of race, sexual identity, nationality, religion or spiritual belief.  

Our Home Base
We buy our electricity from an ethical supplier.
We only use either compostable or recycled plastic bin liners.
We have removed all single-use plastic shower and shampoo bottles.
We use bulk refillable products wherever possible.
We only use environmentally friendly cleaning products.
We endeavour to use tumble dryers as little as possible, opting to utilise fresh air and sunshine.
We aim to tread lightly on this planet by reducing our plastic usage, and conserving energy wherever possible.
Food waste is reduced as far as possible, and remains composted for the garden.

The Kitchen
We use organic, locally sourced ingredients as much as possible.
We choose organic ingredients grown on community land as much as possible.
We are committed to home composting and recycling our waste.
We source from ethical and local suppliers wherever possible.

Our home venue grounds
Our gardens are managed organically to foster biodiversity and grow nutritious, tasty vegetables.
We have an Eco-ponds water filtration system which manages all our household output.
We don’t use pesticides or herbicides on our land.
All our gardens are managed organically, growing salad for the kitchen, flowers for the house and producing tasty apple juice from our orchard.
We host volunteers from all around the world for several weeks a year.

We aim to earn enough income to cover direct costs and make a surplus to reinvest back into our programmes, our place, our team and our community

If you have visited one of our events or camps and feel we can improve any aspect of our environmental and social responsibility we’d like to hear your comments



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