A Multi Media Project to inspire connection, conversation, empathy and change in the time of coronavirus


BOOM is all about connection and getting through the difficult times and finding our own breakthrough moments..

The BOOM story was created to inspire conversation, sharing and creativity. 

We ran a series of webinars on ZOOM streamed to FACE BOOK & INSTAGRAM LIVE

What are we going to be talking about? Mental Health of course, Creativity, Working as a creative in times of struggle, Diversity and a whole host of other things.

About BOOM

During the summer of 2020 we were awarded a grant from The Exeter Northcott Theatre, #TheTimeIsNowCommission, to make a short film called ‘Boom’ a theatrical out of the box, poetic, moving original story about mental health, grief, the pandemic, a nurse, love and loss.

Our film has been officially selected for The Berlin Lift Off Festival, The Rome Film Festival and has won the Buddha, Einstein, Picasso Film Award in India, for best cinematographer, Luminous Frames Festival Denmark, for best costume, The Indo Global International Film Festival, India, for Best Director and won The Sweden Film Awards.

We ran a webinar with The Exeter University’s humanities department, talking about our film. We were also a part of The Flourishing Symposium with Bart's Hospital, London medical students, where we discussed the impact of our film during the Covid pandemic. In addition, we collaborated with The Exeter Pheonix for their annual BLOOM Mental Health weekend.

The film has also been translated with Italian film subtitles and was screened online with The Italian Society, Exeter

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