A Multi Media Project to inspire connection, conversation, empathy and change in the time of coronavirus


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BOOM is all about connection and getting through the difficult times and finding our own breakthrough moments..

The BOOM story has been created to inspire conversation, sharing and creativity. 

We will be running a series of webinars on ZOOM streamed to FACE BOOK & INSTAGRAM LIVE

What are we going to be talking about? Mental Health of course, Creativity, Working as a creative in times of struggle, Diversity and a whole host of other things.



About our online events

We believe in having fun. This does not mean we don’t take what is happening around and to us lightly but we believe that the effort to find joy and comfort in the midst of uncertainty is possible.

So, if you want to hang out with us, hear interesting ideas, stories from our guests and creative collaborators please come along. We want to hear from you, how you are doing, your hopes and stories.

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for Key Workers in the health service.

How art & creativity can play a part during this time.


‘That job in some ways was a curse, an angel for all but always a nurse’

Film followed by a discussion with people who are on the front line of the NHS. How do you get supported? What creative outlets are there for you during this period of time?


& the Climate debate


‘We cannot keep up this greedy pace before our footsteps leave this place’

Where are we now in the climate awareness debate? How can we use the arts and creative work to keep the journey to a sustainable future alive and kicking?

What is your BOOM moment from the coronavirus experience in relation to environmental concerns?


for Coaches, Psychologists & Counsellors


'This is the wise part of me.

Or to make this clearer, because that is what I do, I am the wise part of you.’


for school leavers


‘I wear a bindi and self pamper and at home I burn Nag Champa.’

Did your education experience slam to a full stop? Did you miss out on saying goodbye and being able to feel that it had ended well?

Is your future uncertain? How do we creatively deal with this? Is there a way to celebrate the end of your course and connect up with others who feel the same way?!

What is BOOM?

BOOM is a multi media creative project aimed at stimulating connection, dialogue, identification and empathy around the topic of mental health, the coronavirus experience and these fast changing times we live in.

The project consists of a 26 minute film, an exhibition of images taken from the film, reworked and presented with soundscapes, poetry readings and the creation of a book.

In 2021 BOOM will be a live physical theatre and circus multi media show, performed to audiences far and wide.

BOOM is designed to create opportunities for connection and dialogue.

This will take place initially online with a series of webinars and creative events.

What is your BOOM story? How have you expressed yourself during this moment in time? What have you overcome, realised and learned?

Have you been able to connect to others and share how you are feeling about this experience we are all having?

If you had to express your feelings creatively, what medium would you choose? Poetry? Film? Painting? Dance? Singing? Music?

The creators of BOOM believe that through arts and creativity connection and insight into current experience can be found, bringing comfort, hope and inspiration. This informs the work they do.

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