Volunteers are a key part of Jump Fall Fly

Volunteers are part of our family and once you join and start to 'Jump' with us you will be inspired to Fly! 

Here are some of the wonderful volunteers that have joined our volunteer family since we open the Jump Fall Fly doors.

Miguel Angel Montecinos Díaz (AKA Mikimontes) is a music maker, entrepreneur, dj, an incredible sign writer and an impromptu performer. He is also a great teacher and communicator. He was an amazing energy to have around during our summer show, he jumped in and ran our technical side by doing the sound and lighting for our show. 

He also ran impromptu DJ sessions for our summer circus camp. He is a constant musician and DJ, so wherever he is there will be some form of music. He is a wonderful generous person to have on a team.

Micky says....

   "I love working with Jump, Fall, Fly as the team are really professional. They assisted me in every moment and all the people that are involved with them in their performances are incredibly talented. Their work is made with love, time and passion. It is easy for me to say these beautiful words because they are true."

Venla Takkinen is a very generous aerial performer and an incredible teacher, she put her whole spirit in to our production this summer. She is also an incredible movement director and was very much involved in helping our performance flow by creating seamless moments between the circus pieces in the show. 

She is a wonderful costume designer and has an amazing ability to turn her hand to anything creative from making costumes to making props. She currently works as a circus teacher in Finland.

Venla says....

   "I love working with Jump, Fall, Fly because it allows me to be fully myself and use all my skills in a creative way. The atmosphere is at the same time relaxed and ambitious. Trying to make the world a better place in our own way is very important. "

Adam Leppard is an actor and a photographer. After one of our cast members sadly twisted her ankle he amazingly stepped in at the last moment for our show.

His ability to calmly adapt under pressure is incredible. He also is a wonderful photographer that can sensitively capture beautiful visual moments. You can see his photography website here.

Adam says....

   "What I loved about working with Jump Fall Fly is getting the chance to really understand circus skills even new ones with great, friendly and encouraging people and the chance to pass on the knowledge to the next generation in the hopes of spreading circus far and wide! "

Emerald Sky is a wonderful aerial performer and a passionate generous teacher who loves sharing her skills. She is a home educator and is following her own self directed path. She has worked with Swamp Circus, Ysknna Vagabond Circus and Jump, Fall, Fly.

Emerald says....

   "I loved working with Jump, Fall, Fly because they bring a joy to all our performances and they are such a happy family to work with. "

Maddie Miller is a wonderful aerial performer who is on her own homeschooling journey. She has performed with Swamp Circus, Vagabond Circus and Jump, Fall, Fly. She is our youngest member and brings brilliant ideas to the table when it comes to rehearsals.

Maddie says....

   "I really love working with Jump, Fall, Fly. I think it is a really lovely open group of people. Their shows are well written and beautifully performed."

Shelley Nicholson is a performer who is studying BA (Hons) Musical Theatre at University Centre, Weston. She is an adaptive performer and a wonderful dancer/choreographer who can capture an audience beautifully through her performance. She has also volunteered with Swamp Circus.

Shelley says....

   "I love working with Jump, Fall Fly because there is never a dull day, especially when you are immersed in the positive and creative energies of wonderful performers, teachers and students - young and old! Jump, Fall, Fly opens the world of circus to all, and will definitely leave you feeling like you can fly! "



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