At Jump Fall Fly we know that what we eat makes a huge amount of difference to physical, mental and emotional health.

When it comes to thriving in life being able to eat well, regularly and get the right nutrition matters.

In the creative world of circus and performing this is especially true.

Like sportspeople who perform at any level we need to understand the relationship between what we eat and what we can do as individuals.

That means we make sure that all Jump Fall Fly activities and events offer good quality, well balanced meals and snacks.

It is often the case that people cannot afford to eat good quality foods and we don't want that to get in the way of their participating in our events and experiences.

That is where donors can help.  You may be a food business, either retail or wholesale or a supermarket or shop.

Maybe you could donate spare food to us that we can reversion and give to our students. Many of them are economically challenged and need help with learning about good quality food in relation to learning the crafts of the circus and theatre.

In particular we are looking for fresh food like vegetables and fruit that we can cook up into delicious meals.

Maybe you make healthy snacks and you could become one of our food heroes and keep our teams and classes energy up.

If you would like to help us keep Jump Fall Fly people well fed please contact us at donate AT



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