Circus and Theatre needs space as do all kinds of classes. 

If you have a suitable building space in a building that would make a great place to run circus and other classes then we might be interested.

We are looking for places around the South West where we can bring Jump Fall Fly Inspiration.

Many communities are just not large enough to make a full time project possible but pulling in once or twice a week to a local community and offering them an exciting time can work wonders for local morale and well-being.

So maybe you are a community organisation or local business and you have a space that we could set up in in some way. If so please get in touch below.

We get asked, what kind of space we need and that varies but, as a rule, the ceilings need to be high, the rooms and spaces clear of fittings in the middle of the room and be of a size where a minimum of 20 people could comfortably have fun. Contact us for more info.

If you would like to make a donation or sponsor/support us with a facility please contact us at donate AT



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