A beautiful story told by our Theatre Circus Show company

A moving original story about love, our relationship to nature, the galaxy and a brush with the dark side

The Black Crow Queen has poisoned the hearts and minds of some humans with a reckless disregard for other life on Earth, which she despises. She has also slowly killed and taken the life force of the human linked Earth Fairies. Now there is now only one Earth Fairy left.

The Gods of the Universe, aware of the growing distress of Earth and its creatures, has sent a Universe Fairy to Earth to find out what is happening.

The last Earth Fairy, struggling for survival and protected by The Guardian of Nature stakes everything including her own life on persuading The Universe Fairy of the beauty of her world and the brilliance of human beings.


The talent involved was inspirational

What a wonderful engaging performance...the talent involved was inspirational... some amazing acts of skill and timing executed by the young circus performers..and a great story line ... well done to all involved ...

Averil shams

Utterly captivating!

This transcendent piece of theatre is a fairy tale for modern times; utterly captivating.

Caroline Trowbridge Actress and Children’s Author

It will leave you spellbound

The show, set in a woodland glade on a summer's evening, was truly magical! A modern-day fairy story with an environmental twist, it had stunning circus skills woven into the action, with lithe fairies swinging among the trees and hiding in the branches as the Black Crow Queen stalks the land and the wise forest guardian confronts her. Do get to see it if you have the chance. It will leave you spellbound!

Simon McEwan

The show explores themes of our relationship to nature, each other and the parts of our human selves we find it hard to change. It offers a message of hope for our ability to meet the challenges we face, how we care for each other and that all living things can co exist with our modern technological world.

Suitable for families and children 6 and over... 

The show is suitable for children 6 years and up


It's Truly Wonderful!

This beautiful story is a perfect blend between fantasy and reality. It’s truly wonderful!

Tilly Lindley

We were both utterly captivated!

I took my 13 yr old to see this production, we were both utterly captivated and transported to the realm of the fairy. Under and in the trees was so other worldly. I especially enjoyed the aerial dancing which was just beautiful and somehow even more extraordinary as the dancers were identical twins.

Gill Amos Director

They tell a story that connects the audience with the characters. . . .

Jump, Fall, Fly do what other circus companies often omit. They tell a story that connects the audience with the characters they meet and they win their engagement through detailed character development and sense of location.

Samantha Holland Theatre Director

We can bring our show to you and your community

  • Do you support using the arts and entertainment to connect audiences with some of the challenges of our times in a hopeful and positive way?
  • Would you like a great entertainment experience with great  acting and circus skills telling a great story?
  • Do you support positive ways of engaging with ecological challenges?
  • Do you feel we need more hopeful and less fear based ways to think about climate change and ecological crisis?

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A very professional, touching and inspiring piece of theatre......

I was there to see the first show, absolutely wonderful even with the rain the show did go on! My boys and I were spellbound! A very professional, touching and inspiring piece of theatre

Melody Elliot Kinch

I watched the performance of The last fairy and the black crow Queen twice. I thought it was amazing; professionally crafted, compelling story line, great costumes and skillful circus performances. I really loved it.

Sue Chantrey