25th July to 2nd September 2020

"Everything you need for an amazing Summer" -

We believe that the summer is a time for fun, play, entertainment and inspiration.
It also means good food, relaxation, good conversation, great music, dancing.
It can be about learning new skills too, making friends, building community
So welcome to the JUMP, FALL, FLY 'ENDLESS' SUMMER where magic will happen!
All set in beautiful countryside right on the edge of the city of Exeter.
In fact Everything you need for an Amazing Summer
A summer of forgetting the problems of the world and finding a new world of ideas



The Jump Fall Fly "Endless" Summer is a no stress series of events taking place across the Summer of 2020

It is tailor made for the whole family and all ages are hugely welcome.

We see the events we create as magical spaces. You can have fun! You will be encouraged to relax!

You will be able to socialise if you want or feel like you are at a party.

 And you will be able to be quietly alone if the mood takes you.

If you want a good chat with someone then you can have one. 

If you like hearing new ideas or new takes on existing ideas then you can do that too at one of our talks.

Eat great food? Yes. Watch amazing shows? Yes.

Stay the night in our campsite or bring your caravan , camper van? Yes

Come for the day or the weekend? Yes.


Kids can join one of our themed camps for a day or a week.

Groups of kids with their teachers and facilitators can come for a week, take over our tented camp and just have fun.

They can learn new things too from our packed programme of activities from Eco Gaming to Circus Skills

to Art, Making, DJ'ing....so many options!

All this is delivered in our special way of doing things.

All our coaches and volunteers are trained to follow our Jump Fall Fly approach.

Put simply that is respect, the right to self determine what you want to do.

Fairness of cost (no rip off prices) and the right to find your own well-being.

We know we are all unique and we celebrate that.

We welcome diversity in all it's forms.

In short, whoever you are, you are welcome.

 To Book or for more info call

+ 44 (0) 1363 877 836

Jump Fall Fly is a Not for profit community interest company