Circus for People and Planet (C4PP) project rests on the following

  • Artists and creatives are, generally, better off collaborating together than creating alone.
  • ​We can be more than the sum of our parts when we come together in a project with a common objective.
  • The activity and work of artists can be one of the most crucial and significant factors positively influencing social change and action on social issues.

C4PP Aims

To be a part of an intentional, international movement and collective of creative artists, performers, musicians & creative organisations working deliberately to use the medium of artistic and creative entertainment to tackle, at a community level, the big social issues of our times.

To move away from a constant presentation of our social issues as only having calamitous outcomes and to create the following:

  • Hope for a great future
  • Compassion for each other and ourselves
  • Courage to become an active participant in creating a great future for themselves and each other
  • Access to simple tools and habits that bring about change
  • Connection to community
  • Inspiration for people to embrace their creative potential

These issues include but are not limited to:

  • Climate Change and Ecology
  • Mental & Physical Health and Well-being
  • Political and Social Organisation
  • Immigration & movement of peoples
  • Diversity / Equality / Discrimination
  • The Future of work / AI

C4PP Actions

The project will present a series of shows created and performed by circus and theater company partners and collaborators drawn from different countries as well as the UK.

These shows are created specifically for the C4PP project.

Each show both entertains, enthralls and connects audiences with one of the crucial and important issues of our times.

The C4PP will take place across a 2 to 4 week period in a major UK city or cities.

At each location C4PP will work with local communities, organisations and authorities to provide access to skills and arts based workshops to local communities and audiences.

Workshops are  facilitated by the C4PP team drawn from the collaborating artists and performers.

All visitors and participants will be given follow up information related to each show's theme and will be able to join the C4PP ‘Tribe’ via online media.

C4PP Vision

To create a compelling vision of solutions to present social challenges that informs, inspires and provides clear ways that people can live hope filled lives and create a fulfilling sustainable future for themselves, their families and their community.

Over time the C4PP project will tour other countries and host cities first across Europe and we hope to other countries.

We hope to see by 2022 - C4PP Milan, C4PP Barcelona, C4PP Berlin, C4PP Paris, C4PP Copenhagen 

C4PP About us

C4PP is a project devised, set up and run by Jump Fall Fly CIC a not for profit social enterprise based in London and Exeter UK.

To read about us please go here.

 To Book or for more info call

+ 44 (0) 1363 877 836

Jump Fall Fly is a Not for profit community interest company

Our Mission​                

We create positive social change through circus, theatre arts,

creativity & coaching psychology



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